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12 Angry Men Essay

  • Submitted by: kittykat08
  • on February 18, 2014
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In the play, 12 angry men, I think that jurors eight and three are stressed the most. It seems as if they have the most noticeable personalities in the play. Juror 3 is quite loud it's a great play and the fact that it's in black and white is very effective, because everyone has such strong opinions. Everything is "black" or "white" to the jurists. And forceful, then there is juror 8 who is calm, but also fights for what he believes, and won’t stop until they know what has to be done is done.
Juror 3 and juror 8 are quite different, in some ways they could be considered alike. Such as the fact that when they believe in something, such as their own opinions in the play, they are passionate about their cause. They both seem to have the will to fight for what they believe, but in their own ways. They both succeed at showing the people their point of view, but as the jury talks on, it seems as the jury listens to the juror 3 who takes time, and is not so aggressive.   Either way, it definitely shows that both of them will fight to the end so that justice will be done.
Juror 3 and 8 are extremely different. First it’s quite noticeable that Juror 3 expects people to agree with him and belittles people when they don't, juror 8 simply puts out questions and asks people to challenge their own beliefs. He is prepared to allow anyone to keep their own opinion without compromising his own. Juror 3 is explosive and highly emotional juror 8 thinks before speaking and is a calming influence on the jury. Juror 3 is a very strong, forcefully opinionated man. He seems to have no humor, and is very serious with the other jurors. He tries to force his opinions and ideas on everyone else. While Juror 8 Is quieter, not as forceful. He seems to be gentle, and very open to others opinions, he has compassion and in the end just wants justice done.
I think it takes a great deal of courage to stand alone, especially when you are that outspoken, the whole time thinking that you have them...

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