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sadasdasdVideo Games vs Sports: Culture and Hypocrisy
Disclaimer: Though I am not a sports fan in any way, shape, or form I respect people who are, and this is not an attack on them, merely an observation I keep making.
With Katie Couric and a lot of the other reports and debate over video games in the media, it seems every time some horrible thing happens in the world, it's immediately disclosed whether or not the alleged assailants owned so much as a gameboy as a child and immediate jump to claiming that violent—or often, any—video games are at least a partial factor in the motive behind the person's actions. Despite dozens of studies that prove otherwise, or are merely inconclusive, video games seem to be the go-to scapegoat for behavior both by politicians and alarmist media types who are trying to get good ratings.
Granted, every few decades or so the scapegoat changes. In the 195o's it was comic books, the 80's and 90's blamed violent lyrics as the source of moral corruption. Hell, even as far back as Roman times people would blame books and poems on people's actions and claim them to be a corrupting force. Yet in all these cases the one thing I find missing as an excuse for people's behavior is Sports.
Throughout history, sports and violence have gone hand in hand, in fact, for those same Romans blaming poets like Ovid for corrupting youth, violence was a sport. Riots, looting, rapes, murders have all happened after sporting events and have been documented throughout human history. Some athletes have committed crimes that would result in life sentences for most, but most of the time get lighter sentences if they get convicted at all. Yet time after time no one, outside of some extreme religious groups, has claimed that being a sports fan or participating in sports is evil or leading to violent and immoral behavior, while gamers have gained a certain negative stigma even though most people agree that the majority of gamers (or any *insert geeky hobby...

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  • on February 19, 2014
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