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3ria Essay

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1. Organizations collect HR data for many purposes, Such as:

• Compensation & benefits activities, and especially in terms of promotions.   HR will need to review many data, I.e. employees work track records, their qualifications, tenure with the organization, PM feedback, and, recommendations from peers/colleagues and managers.
• Budgeting. HR needs to know number of actual employees V.S forecasted. They also need to know number of employees per department, salaries, etc.
• Succession planning. Employees tenure with the organization, qualifications & background, Experience and capabilities, attitude, and performance track records can be used to spot high performers within the organization and advise manager to develop succession planning.
2. There are number of data that is collected to support HR activities, such as:

• Absenteeism and tardiness reports. This is one of the leading tools to measure employees engagement and motivation levels within the organization. HR can then conduct further analysis on the actual reasons behind employees Absenteeism and segment by departments and functions. Such data may help prevent potential turnover among employees
• Number of Nationalities, cascaded into departmental wise. Such data is essential, especially when it is linked to the business objectives of having certain quota to meet with regards to Nationalities and diversity (in this region, the government imposes a UAE Nationals quota on most if not all organizations)
• Analysis of employment visas. The processing of visas cost the company some money; in addition, UAE immigration ban certain Nationalities from working in the UAE. Some visas for certain Nationalities also take longer time to process since they have to go through a lengthy approval process by immigration and security. HR has to well understand such impacts on the organization, and conduct analysis to focus more on recruiting certain Nationalities and less on others.

3. The following are two...

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