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A Comparision of Croatian and Uk Medical Regulatory Agencies Essay

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The epicarical basis of a pharmaceutical distributor towards a patient’s limited choice to prescription medication is most likely solely lucrative. Whilst acknowledging this phenomenon in a free market economy that includes pharmaceuticals, the various regulatory bodies in an existing system must accept responsibility of the licensure and safe distribution of the products in question. Being typically state run to ensure safety of patient’s access to devices and medication produced and distributed by independent companies potentially allows then to afford a degree of availability to national legislature. With the size of existing pharmaceutical companies the state typically allows a degree of reganomics to these companies in order to ensure their continued activity in the market. Thus the state, or state associated body must act as a regulator to prevent both unsolicited distribution, and from acting as an involuntary shylock with respect to patient autonomy. The importance of the regulatory body and the resulting effects they carry with respect to patients will be discussed.

Beginning with the assumption that the state, whether the health system is nationally funded or privately, provides appropriate licensure and approval for medicines and devices demonstrates that they are ultimately responsible for the health of citizens, if not their safety. The regulation of these medications is a particular problem. With the length of medical studies and the variant timelines required for specialisation and clinical competency, well versed physicians are uncommon and expensive. Regulating medications and devices, includes not only their safety but also efficacy. The use of such physicians in the regulatory process is perhaps folly when their clinical value is considered. The first challenge of a regulatory body lies with the creation of itself. The existence of enough up to date clinical knowledge combined with skills of arbitration and law, as well as state policies, in a...

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