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A Dream Essay

  • Submitted by: Diazcookie1
  • on February 28, 2014
  • Category: English
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“A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings”
Thunder rolled across the sky, the ominous black clouds colliding into each other as bolts of electricity charged towards Earth, connecting with the harsh waters of the ocean. Large waves shot up, foam collecting at their peaks before they came crashing down on one another, the teal waters taking on a treacherous murky black color. The thunder screamed loudly into the night and the beautifully round moon was hidden beneath the cloud's heavy depths. Anyone caught out in the storm would not survive; their ships would crash and fall victim to the dastardly waves, which many fisherman had already fallen victim to.
But despite all this, a loud scream filled the air, proving that there was one living inhabitant out on the perils of the water. From the sky a figure flew through the air, gaining velocity, my eyes shut in absolute pain as the drops of rain slammed into me like large pebbles. My silver hair flew soundly above me, my back pointed towards the ocean, which rolled and crashed beneath me. In a fruitless attempt, I flapped my silvery wings, the lightning flashing around me reflecting off the glimpses of gold in the feathers. My white robe flapped around me, the thin linen barely staying on my body as the wind and water whipped against me. I glanced over my shoulder and felt a small amount of dread fill in me as I saw the approaching waters. My skin flushed to a deathly shade of white and I closed my golden eyes again, as my jaw was clenching. I braced myself for the crash I was about to endure.
As I hit the water, I released a loud, agonizing scream, my wings ripping as if made of paper. The sickening crack of bones filled my canine ears as I threw my head back and screamed again. I thrashed against the waves that came crashing down on me, but soon I was swept under the water, my vision blurred by the darkness of the ocean. Through my blurry gaze, however, I was able to make out the rivers of blood that seemed to surround...

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