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A Summative Essay on the ‘Ethical Conduct in Youth Work’ Statement

  • Submitted by: purplepoppy
  • on February 23, 2013
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A Summative Essay on the ‘Ethical Conduct in Youth Work’ Statement

Ethical Conduct in Youth Work is a document published by The National Youth Agency. The paper contains a summary of values and principles which relate to the profession of youth work. The statement was first published in Summer 2000 and later reprinted in 2004. Prior to this, The National Youth Agency distributed a draft discussion document entitled Ethics in Youth Work (October 1999). This document was published with the intention of gathering responses from professionals in the field of youth work.   The first page of Ethical Conduct in Youth Work is entitled ‘Background’ and briefly discusses how opinions were collected and the general consensus of the feedback. The paper then goes on to outline the purpose of the document and suggests how it should best be used: ‘its aim is primarily to develop ethical awareness and to encourage reflection as the basis for ethical conduct rather than to tell youth workers exactly how to act in particular cases.’ The National Youth Agency (2004).

The rest of the document is then split into five sections, the first four sections reflect on the purpose and nature of youth work and also the importance of ethics. In section 1 the document describes the purpose of youth work and then moves on to list the qualities recognised within youth work, based on Davies (1996). The 2nd section covers the importance of ethics in youth work, stating how ethics are usually considered to be about what society believes to be right and wrong and normally relate to human (or animal) welfare. This chapter also makes it clear that everyone involved in youth work, regardless of status, should uphold the standards mentioned. Following this, the 3rd section explains the purpose of the statement of principles, mentioning again how the document is best used in practice and emphasises how the list of principles is not exhaustive, and should therefore be used; ‘as a starting point for...

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