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A Time for Change Essay

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  • on February 23, 2013
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Fifteen by William Stafford
Innocence is lost as the harsh world around us opens.   We all must grow and leave our simple and happy lives behind and accept the real world and its burdens that follow.   But as we grow its time for a change and face the realities of growing up.   It’s very easy to let dreams get in the way of your realities.  
The poem Fifteen written by William Stafford, a writer, is about a boy who is becoming very aware of his age.   Remembering he is only fifteen when he finds a motorcycle on the ground that summer day. A motorcycle lying on its side, with its engine running and headlights gleaming.   His first instinct at the age of fifteen is to hop on the bike and ride off to where he could find freedom on the open road.
At the age of fifteen most young men are slightly cocky and full of self-assuredness.   This boy is no different than rest of the boys his age.   My younger brother for instance was like that, he thought he knew it all and was never wrong about anything.   Even if he didn’t know what he was talking about.   The boy first sees a motorcycle lying on its side engine still running with its headlights gleaming is was easy to picture “the sky on out Seventeenth and the hills out past the bridge.” Feeling very confident in himself at just the age of fifteen.   Not taking into consideration that he might not be able to drive a motorcycle.

It takes just a moment for the boy to realize the harshness of life and that a motorcycle lying on the side for a grassy road may not be a sweet and innocent experience. A toy it is not.   Soon after he realizes the owner is lying in the tall grass, bleeding after flipping over the rail.   Thought of freedom are quickly changed to concern and compassion.   And at the age of only fifteen he had made a difference in the owner’s life by helping him that day.   And possibly his life was changed as well.
Seventeen by Kristy Swartout
There is more going on inside then what...

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