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A View from the Bridge Essay

  • Submitted by: chelskyx
  • on February 18, 2014
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To what extent is it possible to feel sympathy for Eddie, in your opinion? Support your answer with detailed reference to the whole play. Spend no more than 40 minutes on this question. You ARE NOT allowed to use the text when answering the question. Your answer can be handwritten or typed.

I feel sympathy for Eddie because throughout his life he has brought Catherine his niece up and tried to protect her all his life and he has never wanted to see her hurt so Eddie has never really let Catherine out into the real world to meet men and be with friends, he always kept her away from trouble. Catherine has grown up now and wants to go out to reality and meet people and work and become an adult but Eddie is still protecting her like she is a baby, in the text Eddie says ‘ Beatrice, she is a   baby, how is she gonna know what she likes and who she loves?’ and Beatrice says ‘Well, you kept her a baby, you wouldn’t let go out. I told you a hundred times and you haven’t listened.’  
This shows that Eddie has kept Catherine like a baby throughout her life and Eddie’s wife Beatrice has tried to tell Eddie that Catherine can not be kept like a baby all her life she does need to go out into the adulthood and experience memories and fall in love. Eddie finds out Catherine has fallen in love with Rodolpho who is an illegal immigrant and Eddie is not happy with that and thinks Rodolpho is using Catherine to get married so he can stay and be legal and Eddie does not want Catherine to get hurt so he causes an argument with Catherine and will not let the wedding go ahead. Catherine believes Rodolpho is actually in love with her so she argues with Eddie and she will marry Rodolpho. I loose sympathy for Eddie at this point because he will not let Catherine be happy, I think Eddie is jealous she is happy and in love and Eddie and Beatrice are not working in their relationship at this moment. Eddie calls the immigration team to get Rodolpho out of Catherine life, that creates major...

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