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A Wrinkle in Time Essay

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  • on February 22, 2013
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A wrinkle in Time Essay
“Wow!”Isn’t it amazing to travel in time and different dimension? In the novel A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’engle, three children, Meg, Charles, and Calvin set out an adventure to find their father with many obstacles in front of them. A Wrinkle in Time is set in a different dimension on Camazotz. It is the place where people’s minds are control by IT.
Meg, Calvin, and Charles are the main characters in the story. Meg and Charles are morons and Calvin is strong, skinny, and on the basketball team in their school. By helping Calvin with his homework, Meg shows that she is nice and caring. Meg also shows braveness by going back to Camazotz to save her younger brother, Charles. I think Charles is bright and intelligent by reading people’s thoughts. Meg’s father was brilliant enough to find a way to Camazotz with a group of scientist helping him.
Fist, Meg was at home where she, Charles, and Calvin found Mrs.Whatsit, Mrs.Who, and Mrs.Which. Next, they travel to Camazotz where Mrs.Whatsit shows the three children her true identity. Then, they went to save their father who had been captured by IT. After, they saved their father, Charles got captured by IT. Finally, Meg went back to Camazotz where Meg defeated IT and they returned to Earth safely with Charles back.
The conflict in the story is when IT took over Charles Wallace. The resolution of the story is that Meg asks Mrs.Whatsit to give her love as a gift so she can defeat IT. So they all can return to Earth safely without anyone missing. So Meg wanted to save Charles Wallace from IT that had captured Charles.
My opinion about the book is that I liked it and I think it is awesome to a different dimension. The book was awesome except it did not answer who was IT. The book could have been better if it was longer. I like the book because it was an adventure story.

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