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Abc Analysis Chart and Behavior Change Chart

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ABC Analysis Chart and Behavior Change Chart

Unit 6

CE300-Observation and Assessment in Early Childhood

Part I
ABC Analysis
Child:__Emily___________________ Observer:___________________

Time Antecedent Behavior
Consequence Possible Function

November 25, 2013
Early morning

Emily is playing with a doll and Janesta takes it from her.
When Janesta takes the doll Emily bites her.
Emily is corrected and told that biting is not allowed and she is held for a few minutes. I believe Emily bit Janesta because Janesta took the doll and Emily did not know how to tell her she had it first. I also believe that Emily is used to playing alone.

November 25, 2013
Emily walked up to a boy. There was no apparent reason for her behavior.
Emily bites a boy in class.
An assistant removes Emily from the area and reads a book to her for about 10 minutes.
I believe Emily is seeking attention. Her parents both work and she has two older brothers who probably do not give her the attention she wants.

Part II
Behavior Change Chart

Antecedent How would you change the antecedent? What do you expect to happen and why? What else might happen and why? What strategies would you implement and why? Include references!

In the first incident Janesta took a doll away from Emily.

In the second incident there did not appear to be a reason, however, no one was paying attention to Emily.

I would have two dolls available so that both girls could play with one.
I would also give Emily a little one to one attention.

I believe that if there are two dolls available Emily will not bite Janesta.

One on one time would give Emily the attention she appears to need. She may stop biting other children.
Emily may continue to bite or act out because she is not receiving the attention she wants at home. Having older brothers and parents who are divorced and both work leaves Emily not getting the attention and she does not...

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