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Abortion Essay

  • Submitted by: fitness13yana
  • on February 12, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Abortion" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Abortion is a serious ethical issue that faces America today.   Ethics dictate what is wrong and what is right. The abortion ethical question is who should live and who should die? There are two sides to this story, many people believe that abortion is morally wrong and some are in favor of abortion for many reasons. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and beliefs in this society and has their own freedom to make a choice. When thinking of abortion, a person needs to decide whether they are PRO- LIFE or PRO- CHOICE the option is theirs. Life is full of hard and difficult decisions but because they make us feel uncomfortable doesn’t make them wrong. Every single step leads a person in the direction they are choosing. A person’s life is a product of choices and the decisions they make each day. The abortion ethical and moral dilemma faces millions of women in the world each day and they have the power to decide what is right for them.
There are many people in this world that believe that abortion is unethical for many reasons. They argue that killing innocent human beings is wrong and a fetus is an innocent human being so it is morally wrong to kill a fetus. They believe that human life begins at conception because the zygote is in the mother’s womb alive with human DNA. According to Watkins (2005), “The genesis of a new human life begins when the egg with 23 chromosomes joins with a sperm and creates a fertilized cell, called a zygote, with 46 chromosomes. The single- celled zygote contains all the DNA necessary to grow into an independent, conscious human being. It is a potential person” (p. 25).   This would mean that the zygote has a full set of human DNA clearly showing that he is human and aborting him would be wrong and this would mean that you are eliminating a potential person. The zygote has millions of cells just like every other human that hold purpose and function. The fetus is growing, developing, responding,...

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