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Abortion and Ethics Essay

  • Submitted by: s14tina
  • on June 26, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Abortion and Ethics" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Pro-choice v. Pro-life

The ethical dilemma pertaining to abortion asks us whether it is right or wrong to terminate a pregnancy before normal childbirth. Someone who is “pro-life” believes that the government has an obligation to preserve all human life. Abortion to an advocate of pro-life is wrong no matter what the intent, viability, or quality-of-life concerns may be. Someone who is “pro-choice” is someone who believes that individuals have unlimited autonomy with respect to their own reproductive systems as long as they do not breach the autonomy of others. Are there situations where terminating a pregnancy is appropriate? Are there circumstances where terminating a pregnancy is definitely wrong? Who has the legal right to make the decision to abort a pregnancy, the government or the individual? These are all questions that some may ask in regards to abortion. All these questions do not have simple answers.
Roe v. Wade was a famous case in 1973 that lends much to the current mold of abortion rights. Jane Roe had affirmed being raped by a gang of men which resulted in an unwanted pregnancy. Her state, Texas, only performed abortions when the mother's life was threatened. She won her lawsuit against Texas. This landmark decision recognized the constitutional right to privacy and a women's right to abortion. A women could legally have an abortion depending upon the viability of the fetus. Before Roe v. Wade, the American Law Institute worked to establish a model penal code which proposed that abortion be legal under certain situations. The situations included pregnancy resulted from rape or incest, pregnancy gravely impaired the physical or mental health of the woman, or the child would be born with serious mental or physical defects or deformities. Ever since Roe v. Wade there has been what seems to be a never-ending debate. In recent years, several states have wanted to pass Human Life Amendments, that would define...

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