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Account Essay

  • Submitted by: ganjakai
  • on February 21, 2013
  • Category: English
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The Account
“What the hell is this shit!” exclaimed Chris.   Chris thought to himself for a minute, why in the world does she even have an account.   I am going to fucking kill her when she gets home from work!
Chris could feel his blood start to boil.   He quickly scrambled for his bong and proceeded to hurriedly pack it with another bong load.   As he exhaled, he could almost immediately feel the effects of the THC entering his blood stream and start flowing up into his brain like a river going up stream, defying the laws of gravity.
He stepped away from his girlfriend’s laptop.   Walked out of the bedroom and started a slow ascent to the upstairs living room.  
“Hey Django, what’s up buddy?” Django got up from his resting position, tail wagging and jumped on Chris as if he had not seen his master in weeks.   When in reality it had maybe been five or ten minutes.
“Django! Want to go outside buddy.” Django began wagging his tail even more ferociously.   Jumping up and down on his hind legs the loud boom of all four paws landing on the wood floor could be heard throughout the two-story condo.
Before they walked outside, Chris quickly hooked along black leash to Django’s collar.   Django sat patiently as the leash was hooked to the collar making a loud clicking sound.
“Come,” said Chris.   Dog and master walked outside into the bright San Diego sun.   A light ocean breeze could be felt gently gliding over the contours of the skin.   Once the coast was clear, Chris reached down and unhooked Django’s leash.   The massive black dog leaped forward and broke out into a sprint.   The large muscular flanks could be seen moving like a machines levers and cranks, pulsating underneath the skin.
Chris turned around and started walking toward the garage; Django was running laps in the dog park behind him.   Chris stood in front of the garage for a moment gazing at his motorcycle he had been rebuilding for the past couple years.
Chris had been struggling ever since his last DUI....

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