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Action Research on Essay

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Action research is a systematic form of inquiry that is collective, collaborative, self-reflective, critical, and undertaken by the participants. (McCutcheon, G. & Jung, B., 1990). In an action research a practitioner identifies a problem or novel idea to change a situation for the better, tries to resolve it or implement it in the case of a novel idea, reflects on the outcome and tries again if, not satisfied. It is “learning by doing” (Rory O’Brien, 1998).
This action research proposal is to investigate the impact of transforming my management practice on my organization as an institution and the community it serves.
Our organization is currently facing a multitude of challenges resulting from low staff output, high turnover of volunteers, limited resources, difficulties in motivation and more. A fair assessment of this situation clearly indicates a serious deficiency in management strategic management skills. As a senior executive of this organization I feel the urge to acquire the appropriate skills through this study to revive my organization and turn things around.
Through this action research study, I expect to experience an improvement my own management practice as my constantly assessing my and building new skills will grant me the most needed opportunity to transform my leadership and management skills to be able meet the objectives, the vision and mission of our organization. This study will focus on the following areas in my leadership and management:
• Personal development
• Interpersonal development
• organizational development
I will be reporting the outcome of my research using a professional portfolio of evidence.   This will require the formulation of specific indicators and setting of benchmarks that will guide me in evaluating my progress in each of the above aspects.   I will file records and evidences of everything I do geared towards accomplishing this purpose. This will include my diary, pictures, reports, proposals,...

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