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Ad Textual Analysis

  • Submitted by: ndestefano
  • on February 18, 2014
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Ad Textual Analysis
The ad for the Bose Company shows a picture of a clueless guy rowing a boat with Bose noise cancelling headphones on. Little does he know, he is only a few feet from rowing off of the well-known Niagara Falls. He is clueless because he cannot hear the waterfall because he has the noise cancelling headphones on. At the top of the ad it says “Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones”, with the words “Reduction Headphones” slowly fading off of the page resembling the noise fading away as if you were to just put the headphones on. Many ads have different persuasive purposes and ways of explaining the ad. For instance, some, like the Bose ad, use humor to reel in the audience.
Next, the purpose of this ad is to inform the audience that Bose noise cancelling headphones are so efficient that the user would not even be able to hear a waterfall a few feet away from them. It is also to promote the high quality of Bose products while getting people to laugh. The targeted audiences for this ad are people that work in loud areas or need noise reduction headphones to aid their life.
The quality of this ad and the colors they use are outstanding. At first glance, you see a giant waterfall with a beautiful display of a variety of colors that stand out the most. At the next glance, you see the man rowing an old-fashioned one-seat boat in the lower right hand corner. It takes a few seconds to understand what exactly is supposed to be going on in the ad. However, as soon as the audience sees the noise reduction headphones on the man’s head they finally realize he cannot hear the waterfall behind him. By letting the audience figure out the ad, it adds to the humor that is already present in the ad. This ad keeps the audience thinking about it by making them wonder what will happen next.
Astonishingly, Bose uses all three rhetoric strategies in this ad. First, Bose makes an interesting advertisement by using humor in a life-threatening situation. Even though it is a...

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