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Administration of Human Resources, Knowledge and Change Essay

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The ABC Company is a small business which is going to be expanded in an EU country. Their growth is satisfied factory. But their employee turnover &absenteeism is very high.   Now it is necessary to define a new organizational structure for the company. Here all the strategic decision, market evaluation will be discussed here.   Not only that but also all the activities will be under consideration which will support the international expansion and employee retention.
Management theories behind organizational Structure
With strategy for executive triumph, theory about clerical constitution can help. How an association allocate resources these theories may pressure (Harrigan, 1981).
Neoclassical Organization Theory
To thought of the work surroundings improvement in association hypothesis led. With consistency of principles and reason output improves in an environment. To this theory is maintaining balance is the key. Of course, to professional ability there can be erratic response.
Contingency Theory
Which preceding theories careful something to be avoids at all costs. Clash is manifest emergency theory deals chiefly with disagreement, but it is handy according to contingency presumption. White-collar and secretarial success adapt to changes in the milieu is key to(Harrigan, 1981).

Systems Theory
In one region can affect manifold other part organization may not until the end of time cooperate in a lineal approach system theory describe the interrelatedness of all part of an union and how one transform. While large change in one area may only cause in small change in another petite changes in one part may root big changes in a further part,
Behavioural theory behind organizational Structure
Either as persons or in groups, perform within the background of an society secretarial manners refers to the way that people. In the intervening time, seek to put in plain words the reason people conduct yourself as they do psychosomatic theory,....

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