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Admission Letter Sample

  • Submitted by: ThorRose1
  • on February 19, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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As business, consumers and government department continue to advance technologically, there is a growth demand for skilled computer science technology professionals to create new software and solve complex technological issues in our community. This strong need equates into a buoyant jobs market for computer science graduates and is one of the main reasons from my decision to study this program at Michigan State University.
My Interest in the subject has not just been restricted to academic study, until recently I had a volunteer job at Catholic Secretariat as an office assistant, this has given me a new perspective into how computer science function in the real world and how the world of business operate.
My competency of being able to use a variety of key software packages to a high standard of accuracy in the office has influence me to pursue computer science at the university. Although I usually do my best, but when call upon to answer difficult technical problems involve creating solutions require innovation and invention, it become a problem for the day.
Also, I have realized that, computer science require people with varying talents and area of specialization, I believe I have the requirements in abundance and also possess the enterprising spirit, capabilities, enthusiasm and requisite abilities that require a long time to come out with solutions to solve many problems in my community.
Given students an excellent understanding of the foundation of the programme, I have applied for Michigan State University being one of the leading institution in the world through their teaching methods as continually updated to reflect new advances to give students in-depth knowledge.
Given the opportunity, I will bring quality of creativity, persistence and developed ability to work in my community and assist the upcoming ones who are interested in my field of study.

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