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Adversity Consumes Essay

  • Submitted by: tfmmage
  • on March 1, 2014
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Adversity, defined as a situation that is unpleasant. The reality surrounding this word is what differentiates our world from the idea of Elysium. On our world, this word describes reality that is inescapable. This reality includes hardship, grief and misfortune. In Counterparts, Farrington’s world is a world full of adversity no doubt. In a day, Farrington’s adversity stretches from Farrington’s monotonous job and arrogant boss to his ridiculous drinking habits. The adversity of the day converts to anger that Farrington brings home to his family. Therefore, Counterparts illustrates to me that adversity in Farrington’s life consumed him, shaping his identity negatively.
Farrington’s most striking adversity and as it looks, the source of adversity in his life is his job. I found this out right away as in just the first paragraph of ‘Counterparts' Farrington mutters ‘blast him’ after hearing Mr. Alleyne wants him upstairs. This told me that specifically, a source of Farrington’s adversity at his job is Mr. Alleyne, Farrington’s boss. Whist being scolded by Mr. Alleyne which is a form of adversity, Farrington has a moment where in Counterparts it states “A spasm of rage gripped his throat”. This tells me that rage is a product of adversity; therefore it is proved that a source of Farrington’s adversity at his job is Mr. Alleyne. I know from my own life that adversity also can bring out rage within me. For example, after losing a soccer game to a mouthy team I might want to use my fist just as Farrington wanted to use his. I have found if I have a lot of anger it can in a way consume me, and this is exactly what I think happened to Farrington. The adversity within Farrington’s Job produced rage within Farrington, enough to consume him and ultimately change his identity for the worst.
Adversity in Farrington’s life is at large, and a way he attempts to deal with this is through drinking. This is known early in Counterparts as while Farrington is being scolded the...

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