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Advertisements and Their Effects on Children and Parents Essay

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  • on June 3, 2014
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16 December 2013
Advertisements and Their Effects on Children and Parents
Advertising is a way of communication that has as a principal purpose to attract someone’s attention. According to Sandra Calvert, the chair of the Department of Psychology at Georgetown University, “Marketers use a variety of techniques to attract audiences in order to increase product purchases” (207).   Marketers are using different methods to call children’s attention, such as: familiar characters, repetition, brand and generic products, and catchy songs. These methods seem to give results due to the influence children have on their parents. Advertisements play an important role in many companies’ success because they promote services and products that satisfy their customers. This allows companies to increase their sales and succeed in a competitive market. Studies show that advertisements have an influence on people regardless of their ages when they make their purchases; however, the influence has risen over the past years pointing to children at very young ages. The toy, fashion, gaming, and food industry have succeeded in gaining and retaining children’s and parents’ attention by implementing persuading advertisements through different methods. These advertisements play an important role when children and parents decide what products to purchase.
Advertisements appeal to consumers through different mediums such as television, internet, magazines, radio, and billboards. Children at young ages are vulnerable enough to understand that advertisement is a business matter, and they do not have the ability to separate advertisements from programs. They do not understand the message’s intent behind each commercial. Kunkel and other reporters of the APA Task Force on Advertising in Children report that “. . . children younger than age eight do not understand that the intent of commercials is to persuade them to buy one product over another; instead, they see commercials as a means of...

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