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Advertising Today Essay

  • Submitted by: Adrianat19
  • on February 22, 2014
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Adriana Trevino
March 14, 2013
Advertising Today
Advertisements seem to be everywhere we look, billboards, magazines, television, and even public restrooms, but the question is are ads good or bad? After all, advertisements are made to manipulate, persuade the audience toward a product or service, or “turn the mind toward” a certain something (Wikipedia®). In our society many people are easily susceptible to the manipulation that comes with ads as well as the slightly smaller number of people who are educated and can resist the temptation. In the article “Advertising’s Fifteen Basic Appeals” Jib Fowles introduces his fifteen emotional appeals: need for sex, attention, affiliation, feeling safe, nurture, guidance, aggression, dominance, autonomy, escape, achievement, prominence, aesthetics, curiosity, and even physiological needs. With these appeals he has one crucial point, when he states that “by giving form to people’s deep lying desires, and picturing states of being that individuals privately yearn for, advertisers have the best chance of arresting attention and affecting communication. And that is the immediate goal of advertising: to tug at our psychological shirt sleeves and slow us down long enough for a word or two about whatever is being sold” (137). Time magazine is a great choice because everyone can relate to many diverse articles and the material is fairly neutral. Time magazine touched on three of Fowles’ appeals, such as the desire that some feel to nurture, feeling safe, autonomy and what role they play in advertising along with the effect on the audiences.
“The need to associate with others is widely invoked in advertising and is probably the most prevalent appeal” (140). Along with affiliation comes negative affiliation, and many people can relate to feeling isolated or alone at some point or another. An ad for a prescription medication for anti-depression called Abilify showed negative affiliation as an appeal. In the...

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