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Advertisment Evaluation Essay

  • Submitted by: clarkdog69
  • on March 1, 2014
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Advertisement Evaluation
When it comes to long lasting quality and precision, TAG Heuer has taken great lengths to separate itself from the rest of the watch competition by associating its product more of fine jewelry piece, than a job specific watch. In stark contrast the Lumi Knox watch aims its product and marketing toward the tactical function specific users such as, SWAT teams, and Special Forces.
The TAG watch try’s to imply a comparison between there product and that of high end, high precision, luxury items that have been produce with highest of standards in mind. The ad shows a rather impressive cutaway exploded view of the original watch product that was produced in 1887 by Edouard Heuer, and then goes on to show the evolved internals that started with the original and is now included in this new watch. This Swiss made watch goes on to separate itself from the competition by showing there award winning pedigree for speed that allows for an unmatched 2/1000th of a second start. This product is aimed toward the individual that has only the highest quality in mind and that can afford to pay for it. A TAG Heuer is undoubtly a status symbol for the individuals that desire to own the finest engineered wristwatch time pieces.
A Lumi Knox wristwatch is a must have product for the man who desire’s a product that can complement the rest of the essential equipment that is a must for the job at hand. The watch is set in the center of a tactical flashlight, handcuffs, a flash bang grenade, and the must have chewing gum, which again restates the notion of being an essential part of a tactical gear collection. The hardiness of this watch is one of the main selling points but not it’s only one. The always visible dial is a point that helps to push this brand out in the front. A dial that has a constant glow for at least 25 years is impressive and the statement that this watch was invented in America, and made in Switzerland helps to reinforce function and quality....

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