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Aft - Task 2 Essay

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  • on February 19, 2014
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A1. Sentinel Event
A minor female patient, Tina, accompanied by her mother was registered for surgery on Thursday morning, September 12th, by hospital registrar Katie Jessup at Nightingale Community Hospital (NCH).   Ms. Jessup entered the patient demographic and insurance information into the hospital’s EMR, asked about and collected insurance documentation, secured condition of admission and treatment form, authorized payment and treatment forms signed and filed per departmental procedural guidelines. Ms. Jessup did not request further identification nor did she request/inquire about potential custody information as it was not part of the process she had been trained to follow. In the incident interview Ms. Jessup commented that she felt it to be “the nurse's job to make sure the patients are with who they should be with; not her fault, just doing her job”. The actions in this step of the incident reflects an opportunity to better develop training procedures that properly address patient safety for all patients, but specifically minors. Additionally, Ms. Jessup’s comments indicate a potential conflict within interdepartmental communications.  
The minor patient was then taken into the pre-op area where the patient and her mother interacted with RN Greta Doppke, the pre-op nurse for the patient’s procedure that day. RN Doppke and mother of the patient discussed estimated timelines for completion of surgery due to the mother’s need to tend to another of her minor children not on the grounds. The patient’s mother informed RN Doppke that she would need to leave the premises to care for her other child and would return after the estimated 45 minutes that had been discussed as when Tina would be out of surgery.   The mother further commented and requested that she be called once her child was out of surgery if she was not back by the time her daughter was out of surgery. RN Doppke committed to the request and wrote the mother’s contact information on her personal note...

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