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Agile Orgs Essay

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  • on February 21, 2014
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Define an agile organization and list characteristics of an agile organization  
An Agile Organization is one that is quick in responding to changes in any situation or environment. The ‘agile organization’ is also known as ‘the entrepreneurial organization’ and ‘the resilient organization’ and this kind of organization focuses on the customer which calls for customized rather than standardized offerings. A highly agile organization reacts successfully to the emergence of new competitors, rapid advancements in technology and sudden shifts in all conditions.
Agile organization:
Organization that is quick to respond to changing circumstances in the marketplace or within the organization.
Characteristics of an agile organization:
• Work/Life Balance and Consistent Delivery – Empower teams which are dedicated to personal and organizational goals. Create a discipline of shorter release cycles.
•Servant and Leader - The entire spectrum of managers should serve by leading and lead by serving. Instead of making decisions for the team, managers should support team commitments.
•Sustainable and Successful - Maintaining sustainable pace and stability, all divisions of the organization should focus on customer value.
•Contributing to the Community and Maintaining a Profitable Company – Apart from profitability and core business, making a positive impact on the community should be a focus area.
•Collaborative and Smart – Hire smart people and foster collaboration to spread the intellect.
•Bottom-up and Top-down Decision Making – Leaders are informed by knowledge workers and vice versa to complete the cycle. Tacit knowledge helps and informs explicit knowledge.
•Personal Flexibility and Rhythm – Create a regular cycle of delivery and value.
•Quality and Faster – Entire organization focuses on value delivery and a quick feedback regarding the value.
•Creating Your Own Reality and Corporate Vision – Rather than implementing a corporate vision by having clearly...

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