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Alberta and the Biofuel Industry Essay

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Alberta and the Biofuel Industry



Executive Summary
Environmental laws and strict mandates imposed by governments worldwide have made the need for greener products essential for the future of consumers.   One of the solutions some countries and companies have created is the implementation of biofuels and biodiesels.   This product has several benefits including economic, environmental and energy payback and has the potential for global expansion.
Countries have called for renewable fuel requirements that are aimed at tackling harmful emissions, air quality, and climate change.   The Alberta Government in particular has addressed these concerns by passing a mandate requiring renewable fuels to exhibit a minimum of 25% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than petroleum fuel.   With a mandate this strict it is imperative that the government encourage and motivate expansion of biofuel and biodiesel.
The benefits that these fuels generate have an impact in the economic, environmental and energy spectrums of any and all countries worldwide.   The infusion of a new industry will create jobs, new local markets, and tax incentives for producers.   Environmental benefits include lower toxic emissions, which reduces harmful climate change.   Energy efficiency is reflected largely in the transportation industry.   The benefits to the biofuel industry are numerous but not limited to the few mentioned.
Expansion into the global market is a necessity for international countries.   Environmental issues have been a global concern and now must be addressed in a global effort.   Countries like United States and Brazil have already...

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