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An Embryo Is a Human at Conception Essay

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  • on February 21, 2013
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There is one and only one reason why people argue about the topic of abortion, whether personhood begins at conception because some people want to justify abortion. Therefore the remark that a fetus is a human being at the time of conception.   Logically speaking biology has no distinction for "human being". A fetus is certainly a person, but the concept of "human being" pertains to the concept of personhood. The abortion debate rests on the moral status of the unborn: if the unborn are fully human, then nearly every abortion performed is tantamount to murder. Most “pro-choice” advocates argue, however, that although the unborn entity is human (Homo sapiens), it is not a person and hence not fully human.
As most people know a woman is pregnant for about 9, but what really goes on in the womb during those 9 months? In the first month, pregnancy begins at conception, the time at which the male sperm and the female ovum unite. What results is called a zygote, a one-celled biological entity, a stage in human development through which each person has passed. It is a misnomer to refer to this entity as a “fertilized ovum.” For both ovum and sperm, which are genetically each a part of its owner (mother and father, respectively), cease to exist at the moment of conception. There is no doubt that the zygote is biologically alive. It fulfills the four criteria needed to establish biological life: metabolism, growth, reaction to stimuli, and reproduction.
Is this life fully human? I believe that the facts clearly reveal that it is. First, the human conceptus—that which results from conception and begins as a zygote—is the sexual product of human parents.   Not only is the conceptus human insofar as being caused by humans, it is a unique human individual, just as each of us is. Resulting from the union of the female and the male sperm, the conceptus is a new—although tiny—individual. It has its own unique genetic code which is neither the mother's nor the father's. From this...

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