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An Essay Discussing the Limits of the Pm

  • Submitted by: StephanieOsei
  • on February 28, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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Discuss the view that the limits on the Prime Minister are too few and too ineffective
(28 marks)
It can be debated that the limits on the Prime Minister (PM) are too few and ineffective. However, I disagree with this view. David Cameron, the current PM of the United Kingdom, is arguably limited by the evolution of a Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government. For example, Cameron is forced to consult ministers under the joint government or face backlash and in extreme conditions, ultimate rejection from ministers within both of the political parties. This shows that the PM, whether he feels that it is necessary or not, must ask advice of his cabinet ministers and especially of those who are Liberal Democrats in order to prevent unfairness in the cabinet. As a result, it is clear that the limitations within a coalition government is of full awareness to Cameron.
  Yet, it could be argued that David Cameron’s powers within the cabinet can considerably enhance his parliamentary power. Evidence of this can be brought from the fact that he can make the decision of which ministers get to continue with their jobs in the form of cabinet reshuffles. Thus, this can give enrichment to Cameron’s power as this can ensure that he gains a majority of support from his cabinet by simply removing those who he feels are untrustworthy despite the fact that he cannot remove every single minister he dislikes. If Cameron was to do this, he would be viewed as an egotist much like the previous Prime Minister, Gordon Brown. Therefore, it can be debated that Cameron’s choice of the employment of cabinet ministers may be seen as a weak deterrent of his power.
Furthermore, another point to support the view that the PM has enough limits is the fact that they can be seen as weak due to events that are out of their control. We can see this if we look back to the London riots which occurred in August 2011 where a protest regarding the death of Mark Duggan, a man shot by police...

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