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An Essay of Myself

  • Submitted by: captainomega
  • on February 20, 2013
  • Category: English
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What I love about myself By Joshua Fitzough

I have been through many obstacles in my life, yet I have always been a person that was liked by the popular kids in middle school and early years of high school. There are people that hate me and people that love me.Most cool kids have a million friends that talk behind eachothers back, and say the rudest statements of eachother, which is aboulutely rediculous in my eyes.ABut in the end I can always look forward towith the fact that I absloutely love my Job at bob Evans.

  Through the years growning up I know I have been that kid in the class with funny hair and glasses, with a tall lankey stature. BUt I have always been a cool person, I go with the flow when ever there is a problem. I tend to keep to myself unless there is an urgent matter. I was quiet, but I was good friends and basicly lived with the most popular kid in school, Big Ben, Oh I remember the days. The days where I would go outside and we would walk over to a girls house and we would all laugh histeracly about how our day at school was. Along with the fact that I would pick up a few ladies on the way back to our houses. I miss those days, the days where everyone was chill, and no one talked bad about eachother, its ashame how all of the friends I had when I was growing up changed. Now all they do is smoke and drink and try to be cool, while im sitting in the backround watching them slowly throw there lives away in the garbage.But Big Ben is still succesful as ever which makes me happy that a few of them came to there senses. But through that I learned how to be cool, and how to deal with certain subjects on life, and to stay away from nonsense. Which in the end I love the fact that I worked on my character, and how to deal with the most goofy, and the coolest people.

  Even though all of my old friends turned into people that arent there true selves, I have new friends, a inner circle that is bonded for life. Consisting of a friends that I've...

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