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Analog and Digital Telephony Essay

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In chapter nine, we looked at the call progress. The chapter clearly stated that there are three phases of a call: set-up, supervision and release. The set-up is the initial stages from the calling line going off hook to receiving the tones. After this the call is transferred to supervision. Supervision watches for off hook at the required line and then connect the speech at the calling line when it transfers to release. Release stops the call at whatever stage it has reached. We then proceeded to conduct a series of tests for the call set up, in which all were effective. The group followed up the call set-up experiments with the questions that were given and answered then effectively. After this experiment, experiments and questions were also done for the supervision and release.
In chapter ten we investigated manual control. With this chapter, the group had to implement what was learned in chapter nine with this chapter. The operations performed by the automatic control were now done manually. Of course, the proper results were obtained after the procedures were followed. The group also investigated the sequence of transition related to input and output with reference to the current state of the call. Once again, a series of interesting questions followed which were all answered to the best of the group’s ability and understanding.
In chapter eleven, the experiments were a little challenging but we were able to figure out what was required and we executed.   In the experiments for chapter eleven we were able to evaluate the inherent facilities within the system to test the SLIC, CODEC and digital switch functions. The group had to do two experiments for this chapter. At first we had to test the system.   Because telephone systems in operation needs to be tested regularly, tests, usually consisting of the transmission of a test signal over part of a system, and its detection, needs to be done regularly. These tests are usually done at times of low usage. We then...

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