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Analytical Section Essay

  • Submitted by: noah123100
  • on February 18, 2014
  • Category: English
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Even though the image is merely supposed to introduce the new color way for the PlayStation Portable the image actually acts as a strong allusion to the racial tensions between Caucasian and African American individuals. Aesthetically speaking the artist did a fantastic job and produced a detailed high quality image with a monochromatic color scheme. The color scheme works with negative space and contrast to portray the differences between the African American female and the Caucasian female. In addition the author may have decided to utilize a monochromatic style in order to make the piece appear more vintage thus alluding to the times of slavery. In the image the wh bite woman is dressed in white pants and a white shirt that exposes her navel. In addition the white woman has long flowing white hair that seems to be styled in an urban pop manner. In contrast the black woman is fully clothed in what appears to be a black jacket. The manner in which they are dressed further demonstrate the differences between them suggesting that they are from different social classes. While the Caucasian female has the luxury of adhering to pop culture the black woman is dressed very plainly. Another explanation that could arise from examining the clothes of the figures is that the white woman has more freedom. She seems unrestricted by her choice of clothes and by the clothes themselves, while the African American female seems to be dressed in a very uniform way. One article of clothing that furthers the divergence between the two women is the glove that the white woman has. It seems like the white woman is only wearing a glove on the hand that is touching the black woman which symbolizes the gap between the two women. Even though it appears that they are touching, direct contact is non-existent which shows the tension and current inability for the meshing of the two ethnicities. Another article of clothing that could produce a lot of controversy is the necklace that the white...

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