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Animal Cops Essay

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  • on February 22, 2013
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Animal Cops with arresting powers

The authority enables Animal Cops to be more effective in enforcing state and local animal laws as well as other criminal offenses they may encounter in the course of their duties.
Firearms aren’t for the animals; it’s for the dangerous individuals that are potentially involved in any animal cruelty or criminal activities.
Animal control can handle the whole job, without pulling other police agencies.  
Have a post mandated Animal Control officer Investigator.
Irate or irrational pet owners.
Animal abuse- needed to be removed from property immediately. Need to get a warrant to be able to remove the animal without the owner’s consent or absent of the owner.   Sometime it’s too late, animal may or is dead.
Justice for the animals. Perpetrators are punished for their crimes.
Criminal charges and arrest are dependent on bring in the police, who are do not have knowledge or trained to deal with animal cruelty laws
Public safety priority number 1
Deviance behavior- dogfighting and animal abuse.   Owners of an aggressive high risk breed (like pit bulls) are more likely to be criminals. Owning a particular canine breed is a marker of a deviant behavior.   Owners who own aggressive breeds are 10 times more to have a criminal convictions, then owners with low risk dogs (like beagles)   owners of high risk dog breed also engaged in more types of criminal behavior. Like violent, drug, abuse, rape, sex offenders.   Personal characteristics of dog owners who own high risk breeds engaged in sensation seeking and risky behaviors.   Higher percentage of people with certain behavioral and personality characteristics do seem to be attracted to owning dog breeds that are of higher risk for aggression.
Cruelty to animals is a serious manifestion of psychopathology when paired with other symptoms and troubled family history.
Act of animal cruelty has been committed by rapist, child molesters
80 percent of the homes in which an animal control...

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