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Animal Symbolism in the Wars Essay

  • Submitted by: raynajames
  • on February 21, 2013
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Animals: Hope amidst Devastation
Symbolism is a very important literary device in many novels. Symbols help to communicate important messages, themes or ideas in a novel in shorter and more meaningful sentences. They are used to tell or represent something else as it has a relationship with it. In Timothy Findley’s The Wars, there is one symbol present throughout the entirety of the novel-animals. Numerous animals are mentioned many times throughout this novel. It is clear that Robert- the protagonist- has a connection to animals. He runs about with them as if he is one of them. The animals communicate various messages to the readers. Certain characteristics animals possess which defy human nature help to develop Robert’s character, animals in this novel are displayed to be closely related to Robert, the animals represent values of Robert, and of society today and they are often used by Findley as a symbol of hope amidst devastation. Findley uses animal imagery in order to reveal certain aspects of the protagonist Robert’s personality. He wants to show that it is through the animals that Robert truly expresses himself.
Human nature is the general characteristics, feelings and behavioral traits of humankind, regarded as shared by all humans. Human nature consists of many different things, and one is judging. It is human tendency to judge those around us. When one meets someone new, more often than not the first thing they notice is the person’s appearance. After that, one may start questioning their actions wondering why it is that they are the way they are. It’s human nature and one cannot do anything to stop it. Humans have been created that way. Animals on the other hand, don’t have this ability. They do not have the ability to judge and pick apart a person. The animals in The Wars defy the human tendency to judge. Robert finds himself at ease when with the animals. He feels he does not need to impress them or hide from them. He can simply be himself,...

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