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Animal Welfare Rough Essay

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  • on March 1, 2014
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Animal Welfare: Shining Light on Slaughter
“Meat Animal” suggests that animals can be both meat and animal. Essay examines the way supposedly humane federal practices ignore the systematic brutalization of “food animals” as those animals get processed into marketable flesh. In many instances, animals arriving at the slaughter leave them sick, injured, or both. Because the downers represent a potential monetary loss, workers sometimes go to extraordinary lengths (often with the complicity and encouragement of management) to get the animals of to their feet and staggering toward the killing floor. TALK ABOUT HALLMARK MEAT PACKING COMPANY AND RELEASED FOOTAGE! Kagan merges live animals and carcasses into one sentence. Law recognizes little distinction, if any, between living and dead animals. For instance, the regulations note that when driving livestock, electric prods and other implements should be used “as little as possible so as minimize excitement and injury.” However the phrase “as little as possible” gives the driver such wide latitude that the regulation becomes all but meaningless.   0.5 % of animals are not properly stunned, which still amounts to thousands of animals. They are often skinned alive.   If during the course of such inspections the inspector finds evidence of disease or injury, that animals is labeled “U.S. Condemned.” They are then killed in a separate facility, with no part of the carcass sold for human consumption. Precious little (a covered pen and mandated senseless during dragging) in the Act’s language suggests humane treatment. Food is what animals become once they are dead. The agency’s concern resides not with the welfare of the living animals but rather with the quality of flesh entering the food supply. Take hog slaughter, for example. Depending on the distance between inspection stations, the number of inspectors on the kill line, and whether the head is attached to the carcass, the federally set, hourly kill rate...

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