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Aquatic Habitat Essay

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  • on February 22, 2014
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Aquatic Habitats

Three class periods



Betsy Hedberg, former middle school teacher and current freelance curriculum writer and consultant.

Students will understand the following:

1. The way a community disposes of its wastewater may negatively affect local aquatic habitats.

2. It is possible to find wastewater-disposal methods that do not pollute local aquatic habitats.

3. Both governments and citizens can take action to ensure that waste water will be disposed of in a way that is not destructive to aquatic habitats.

For this lesson, you will need:

Computer with Internet access

Books and articles concerning wastewater-disposal methods that pollute aquatic habitats or that prevent pollution

A listing of local government officials including their mailing or e-mail addresses


1. Discuss with students the definition of the term wastewater.Make sure they understand that wastewater includes not only water we dispose of after washing clothes or dishes or flushing the toilet but also water used by various industries. For example, water is used to refine gasoline, to clean fruits and vegetables before canning or freezing, to air-condition factories, and to cool the steam used in producing electric power. Most of the water used by industry is piped back to the rivers or lakes from which it is taken.

2. Make sure students understand that most wastewater is disposed of through sewage systems after being treated and purified. But some communities dump untreated wastewater into lakes and rivers. This untreated waste contains harmful chemicals as well as disease-producing bacteria.

3. Ask students how they think the dumping of untreated wastewater would affect an aquatic habitat, such as a lake, pond, or river. How might the plants and animals living there be affected? (Plants and...

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