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Artemis Fowl Essay

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  • on February 18, 2014
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Below is an essay on "Artemis Fowl" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The main character in the book is Artemis Fowl the Second. He is a child prodigy and considered a genius by most people and he's only twelve years old. He is very pale because he stays indoors and stays long hours in front of his computer and he also has black hair. His manservant, Butler, helps him on any thing he needs and he was first with him when he was born. He looks really big like an ape and has huge arms and legs. Artemis Fowl the First had gone missing when he was in the middle of doing important business. The book claims that Artemis looked like his father so they should look about the same. Angeline Fowl is Artemis’s mother, she smells like perfume sometimes, and she is not sane and constantly in the darkness of her room eating sleeping pills to help go to sleep. Juliet is Butler’s younger sister, and she also gone through the same rigorous training as Butler. Juliet is a maid who mostly helps out Mrs. Fowl. In the story you see that she helps keep an eye on Artemis's prisoner.
Artemis's prisoner is a captured fairy that they catch in this story. She has nut-brown skin, cropped auburn hair, and has hazel eyes. Her nose had a hook, and her mouth was plump and has a slim frame. She works at LEP (Lower Elements Police) as a recon officer, so she goes in to control the monster or something then the retrieval squad comes in. Her boss's name is Commander Julius Root he gets purple when he gets mad and his nickname is “Beetroot”. He is a bit hard on her because she is a girl and messed upon a important mission which is now called the Hamburg Incident. Foaly is a centaur that helps people gear up for their mission and gives them more information about it too. He wears a tin foil hat to keep humans from reading his mind, that's what he thinks what humans do. He is a bit protective about Mud People (nickname for humans) seeing what is going on in his room.

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