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Assignment 1-Plumbing and Hydraulic Services Essay

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  • on February 20, 2014
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Legislation and licensing
-In order to be eligible to be licensed/registered as a plumber one must have completed a series of qualifications and certain training qualifications as well as a Completion of a relevant apprenticeship and TAFE courses.
-To become a registered plumber a plumbing contractor is expected to attend a registered provider to undertake further business administration and advanced sanitary plumbing modules. Once these qualifications are complete he/she must pass the appropriate examination, and then finally they can apply for a plumbing licence.
-The “Office of Consumer and Business Affairs (OCBA) and the Plumbers, Gasfitters and Electricians Act regulations” (Mark Battams, Plumbing/Hydraulics notes 2011) are the current Statutory Departments which are responsible for the administration of legislation in Australia.
- SA Water Corporation is the Statutory Department responsible for the disposal and treatment of sewerage in proclaimed areas. However in special cases where Industrial wastes are disposed of which may contain certain pollutions, chemicals etc. The Trade Waste section of SA Water Corporation is responsible.
Plumbing Services
-A very basic definition of sanitary plumbing is “all fittings within an occupied building that are connected to pipelines which are emptied into the sewerage drains.”(Building your own home, 2003) For above ground floor plumbing the main types of systems are as follows;
• Single stack system – designed specifically for multi storey buildings and high rise accommodation.
• Modified system – designed for most of all other types of buildings.
All connections to these systems must have vents except for the top floor fixture. These relief vents are essential as they maintain equal air pressure (plenum pressure) in pipes and discard foul gases into atmosphere above populated area.

-The main types of heated water systems are as follows;
• Instantaneous gas heating, this is where water is passed through...

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