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Benjamin Rush’s Letter to George Washington

  • Submitted by: safiya2112
  • on February 21, 2013
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Benjamin rush became a surgeon general of the continental army in April 1777. He found the medical services in dreadful condition. Dr. Rush wrote a letter of protest to George Washington on December 26. Dr. Rush wrote a letter of protest stating that Dr. William Shippen did a terrible job at his job. Rush charged William of doing a poor job on running the department. Congress cleared William of those charges. Rush resigned, and then wrote a letter to Washington asking 5 big favors that can save lives in the hospital. In this pap
Benjamin Rush’s and other surgeons/doctors worked with patients all in one room. Those patients could have the most contagious disease. And as Benjamin rush put it, “I’ve seen more than 20 men in one room ill with fevers…” Most likely you have not been in a room with that many sick people, since today’s hospitals are much different, but imagine if you were in one room with more than 20 sick people it would have been disgusting, nauseating, and other feelings that can’t be put in words. During the revolutionary war that is just one condition.
Another condition they work with is the lack of guards. The lack of guards’ means that the sick are not safe, and that as Dr. Rush stated in his letter that “the men go out as they please, catch colds; they sell their arms, blankets, and clothes to buy rum or provisions that are unsuitable for them…” This sentence means that the soldiers go out and since the doctors/ nurses/ surgeons are busy no one can stop them. They sell their belongings, and their body parts for rum or food.   Then when they come back they get into fights with their doctors/ nurses/ surgeons. Having guards will help to make sure the injured/ sick do not leave the hospital and that there is peace in the house (no fighting/ yelling).  
In conclusion doctors have to work under disgusting, dirty, etc. conditions. Most people today can’t stand these dirty conditions. I feel pity for those doctors/ patients, for the conditions they...

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