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Biology Essay

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  • on February 19, 2014
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Below is an essay on "Biology" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Quarternary Period (NEOGENE)
1.8 mya-present   This period continues today and includes all modern form of life.

Tertiary Period (PALEOGENE)
65-1.8 mya   Mammals, flowering plants, grasslands, insects, fish, and birds diversified. Primates evolved.

Cretaceous Period
145-65 mya   Dinasour populations peaked and then went extinct. Birds survived to radiate in the Tertiary period. Flowering plants arose.
Jurassic Period
213-145 mya   Dinosaurs diversified, as did early trees that are common today. Oceans were full of fish and squid. First birds arose.
Triassic Period
248-213 mya   Following the largest mass extinction to date, dinosaurs evolved, as did plants such as ferns and cycads. Mammals and flying reptiles (pterosaurs) arose.

Permian Period
248-213 mya   Modern pine trees first appeared, and Pangaea supercontinent was formed as major landmasses joined together.
Carboniferous Period
360-286 mya   Coal-forming sediments were laid down in vast swamps. Fish continued to diversify. Life forms included amphibians, winged insects, early conifers, and small reptiles.
Devonian Period
410-360 mya   Fish diversified. First sharks, amphibians, and insects appeared. First trees and forest arose.
Silurian Period
440-410 mya   Earliest land plants arose. Melting of glaciers allowed seas to form. Jawless and freshwater fishes evolved.
Ordovician Period
505-440 mya Diverse marine invertebrates evolved, as did the earliest vertebrates. Massive glaciers formed, causing sea levels to drop and a mass extinction of marine life to occur.
Cambrian Period
544-505 mya   All existing animal phyla developed over a relatively short period of time know as the Cambrian Explosion.

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