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Book Report

  • Submitted by: AmandaEGuy1
  • on March 1, 2014
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Preschool Classroom Observation
Amanda Guy
June 5, 2013
Professor May


The love of teaching is truly a gift from God. This statement is so very true and I realized it when I did my observation of a 3 year old preschool here in my home town. While observing this preschool classroom I realized that what I had dreamed of being my entire life was coming true right before my very eyes. I was put here on this earth to teach.
I had the privilege to sit under some of the best instructors at the technical college where I work. But it wasn’t until I went into the Preschool department where I found the hidden gems of the teaching world.   This particular classroom that I observed ran like a well oiled machine…quite the opposite outcome of what I thought I was going to find in your typical preschool classroom. Burden states that, “Successful teachers are often very effective managers of the classroom environment.”   (Burden 2010) I believe that this teacher in particular is successful because of her classroom management skills. Upon arrival the teacher had all of the students come in place their bags on their individual name hooks on the wall and then showed each of them to their seat. All 12 children were present that day so the teacher began her day with a prayer and the pledge. After those morning rituals she proceeded to pass out the morning worksheets, which were simple color sheets, but it showed me that this would prepare them for Kindergartens daily morning work. As the children finished one by one they would bring their sheets to the front of the classroom where she would reward them with a sticker to place on their desk calendar. Great idea by the way! A way to reward good work and teach them the calendar! When that was complete they went down to the rug for circle time. Here is where she interacted and allowed me to get involved with the students. During circle time the children...

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