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Booo Essay

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The topic of sweatshops is very controversial. Some people believe they are efficient and others believe that they are not. In my opinion, I feel as though sweatshops have more of a positive effect rather than a negative one because they provide good work ethic for the people and provide what we need as a country. Sweatshops are made to be such a bad thing but they aren’t really. Yes, child labor is a bad thing but sometimes the children in third world countries have to work to provide for their family, so working and earning money is a positive thing. Working in a sweatshop is way more positive than becoming a prostitute and catching different diseases. Of course, it would be better to get an education, go to college, and get a degree but the reality is that they do not have those kinds of opportunities. Working and earning money is the only way. There is no resolution to be made. Without sweatshops huge companies would not be able to make their clothing, sell and then make money. Shutting down sweatshops would result in a lose lose situation for everyone involved.   The best course of action would be to keep sweatshops where they are. I believe the main problem people have with sweatshops is not treating workers right. If they got treated appropriately I don’t think many people would have a problem with this. A lot of people would be out of work if we took sweatshops away. It wouldn’t be easy to do so, also losing money would not be an option for the people who do use sweatshops to make their clothing. Overall, sweatshops should stay where they are and not be removed for many numerous reasons.

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