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Breakfast Club Essay

  • Submitted by: tyr1969
  • on February 20, 2013
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Sociology 151

The Breakfast Club

There are many sociological factors throughout the movie “The Breakfast Club” that involve such subjects as: Front Stage, Back Stage, Deviant, Inner Circle, Outer circle, Local Community, Primary and Secondary Groups, and stereotypes. Also detention is a form of outer control. I will try to relate these in my examples of the individual characters.

As the film begins they introduce the stereotypes of the teens that are on their way to Saturday morning detention as the brain, athlete, basket case, princess and the criminal. That is the way they see each other as they begin their day. Each of them being in a different outer circle. Each of them the only representative of their particular inner circle. As the day progresses, they learn more and more about each other and find that they are all a part of each of these stereotypes. Eventually leading to the group becoming friends.

The principal in the story, Mr. Vernon, is a hard-nosed principal that doesn’t tolerate any miscreant behavior from the students. He does his best to keep them in line and gives the students as much grief as he possibly can while they are detained in the library for the day. He assigns them to write an essay with a topic of “Who do you think you are?” of 1000 words.

First, I will begin with “The Brain”. Brian Ralph Johnson. He is the typical A student. He ends up in detention because he brings a flare gun to school when he receives an F in shop class. He took shop because he thought it would be an easy way to keep his grade point average up, and he doesn’t feel that he will succeed in life if he gets a B in shop. This is a classic reaction from a “Brain” type personality. Not the gun portion, but the B grade being a failure.

The next character I will discuss will be the “Athlete”. Andrew Clark is a high school wrestler that is being pressured by his father and coach to be the best he can be. He states in a conversation with the others that...

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