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Bud's Best Cookies Essay

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Donovan Patterson
Mrs. Martin
Fluid Dynamics
14 January 2014
Junk Food Factory Project (part-3)
Bud’s Best is recognized industry-wide for its high quality standards. Bud’s Best has incorporated quality assurance steps in every phase of manufacturing, and their investment in the latest technological advancements allows them to provide superior customer service and worry-free production. Some of the many ways in which their cookie industry provides top of the line services results from, Extensive research in recipes, modern technology as in large scale ovens, development capabilities, Process control, and Global Food Safety initiative.
Bud’s Best is constantly looking for easier ways to produce their products, from researching new recipes, to better, more efficient technology. They, in 2002, added an additional 47,000 square feet of warehouse space and extended one of their 80 foot ovens to 160 feet; therefore, doubling the sandwich cookie production capability from four thousand to eight thousand sandwich cookies per minute. The company also has two other lines that make wire-cut and rotary cookies, and they can make around 3,500 per minute on each of those lines. The total capacity output is over 1 million cookies per hour.
They sell many types of cookies, however, the vanilla wafers rank well above the rest. One hundred percent of customers enjoyed this product. Bud’s Best’s recipe for the vanilla wafers is pretty consistent. They start with sifting together the flour, baking powder, and salt; then, they cream the butter and vanilla sugar in a large vat. Next, they add the eggs, vanilla extract, and milk to the other ingredients and move them into an agitator. Once thoroughly mixed, the dough is cooled. Then, a machine squirts bite-sized amounts of the dough onto parchment paper lined trays, and it is cooked in an oven for ten minutes, rotated, then cooked for another ten minutes.
Over the years Bud’s Best facility has grown to over 130,000 square feet,...

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