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Buisnesses Essay

  • Submitted by: juaneslatino
  • on February 21, 2013
  • Category: English
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My experience as reader is long I first starting reading when I was 4 I remember that my favorite book was "the cat in the hat" by Dr Sues it was so intriguing I used to read it more than 3 times a day I always liked how the cat had all the fault and he decides to do the right thing and clean the mess he committed. Momma was always pushy about reading. She always said that reading is the key of life because almost everything was based on a book and not only stories but also sources of information like science or mathematics. Reading was a great part of me till I was 9 or so when I was 10 I received a PlayStation 2 and everything I ever learned flew away it probably got forgotten cause well once you play those video games, there’s never time to sit and read a book I guess that’s why my grades started to fall apart.
Through life my reading and writing began to improve when I was in sophomore year I began to read again but this time it wasn’t because of my mother it was because I was obligated and well sometimes it sucks, but they do it for the right reasons I read "to kill a mocking bird" and it was just amazing I liked every detail of the story I was fascinated and devastated cause it meant that all this time I been playing videogames like a fool. I got back to reading for fun like in my childhood but wait one second I like to read I enjoy to read but if I ever going to read something I want it to be a masterpiece I don’t want it to be great in the beginning and horrible at the end it needs to be perfect I like all types of genres except romantic its just too fake.
When I was a junior it was more about writing essays than reading a book it was about doing a summaries and writing long answers from a tiny question I hate it that.
At this time of the year I haven’t yet found my master piece I mostly enjoying listening to the lyrics of the Beatles I would say my favorite lyric song from them is "across the universe" they have this part of the song that I like it goes...

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