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Bull Essay

  • Submitted by: Rickielee
  • on June 4, 2014
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Engelsk B Prøve eksamen

Palm spring, California. Victor has just turned 20, he has been riding bulls all his life and now he has just won Top Bull rider, 4000 dollars and a new saddle at the All-Indian National for riding 3 bulls without getting bucked. He decides to go celebrate with his two Mojave Indian friends, Nachee and Billy Cosa whom are bull handlers at the same stable Victor rides in. They decide to go to a local rodeo restaurant and get drunk. At the restaurant they get interrupted in a funny story about their boss Kyle. The man who interrupts them is rude and unpleasant. He is wearing a U.S Government jacket so the boys try to ignore him. But this is not as easy as it seems. The Man works for the Immigration and customs enforcement, ICE and starts questioning their origin and wants to see their ID. The men don’t like the way the officer is speaking to them, using foul language about their ancestors and starts badmouthing the officer. But this makes things worse, the boys arrested for false allegations and the officer steals his newly won money.

Characterisation of Victor and his two friends
Victor is a 20 year old Mimbreño Apache. He is a bull rider and has been it the most of his life. He seems very athletic, since it takes a lot of muscle and stamina to ride a bull. Victor seems to be a joker and maybe a bit of a mouth. When the officer asked if they knew what ICE stands for, Victor answers “doesn’t it mean you deliver ice to places like this one for drinks, maybe shrimp cocktails” even though he knew what ICE meant, he does this several times in the story even when the Ice man asked for his name, he still comes with a smart answer.
Nachee and Billy
The two boys are Mojave Indians and work at the same stables as Victor does. They are bull handlers and have moved from Arizona to Indio when their boss moved his business. The two boys are very similar to victor, they are very mouthy and they seem to become more and more mouthy...

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