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Burger King in Japan Essay

  • Submitted by: chilibbe
  • on February 19, 2014
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Putting into consideration that has a strong cultural presence, it is therefore very important for Burger King to fine-tune their outlets according to wants and desires of Japanese customers. Economic environment: the economic environment that needs to be taken into consideration is the fact that competition in the Japanese market is very strong, between McDonalds, Big Mac, KFC and others including the local competitor Mos Burger the number two burger place in japan, having with 25 percent of market share, is a huge threat for Burger King as well. Also   Burger king failed to effectively target the cost conscious consumer and instead promoted its premium burgers. Also, there was an observed low income (small pocket) amongst the Japanese customers and the issue of the Burger king price, which costs in the Japanese market than any other foreign market.
Political/legal environment: the Japanese government relaxed the restrictions on how gasoline is sold, thereby creating an avenue for gas-and-burger outlets. This explains that Burger King needs to acquaint itself as much as possible with the government and law of Japan seeing that it’ll allow them invest in other ventures that cost less and will yield more profit just like the relaxed restriction on oil by the Japanese government. It is opportunities like this that Burger King should watch out for and carefully invest in order to expand and increase it’s reach in the Japanese market.
Cultural environment: Burger King should also understand that there is a strong cultural presence in the Japanese market. The introduction of the “retro look” theme of 1950’s and 1960s   Pop culture led to an increase of 5% in sales. Also, burger King should put into consideration the new trends in consumer culture, demands and requirements in Japan as well as the changes in the fast-food industry. Now, the Japanese are exposed to a culture of eating mostly fish and vegetables, meat is not one of their strong needs at all. So therefore,...

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