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Bus640 Final Paper

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Managerial Economics BUS640
Craig Bowerson
Business 640 Managerial Economics
Dr. Wan
April 21, 2014

Apple Inc.
Apple was founded in 1976 when Steven Wozniak and Steven Jobs joined forces and created what would become Apple 1. It was not until 1977, when an updated design was introduced, that Apple became a recognized name in the technology industry. Though various shifts in management, design changes and industry demands; Apple made tough decisions on products, prices and advertising that had eventually lead to Apple becoming an industry leader. This paper will examine some aspects of business decisions made and how these decisions affected managerial economic data for future growth and changes to how Apple Inc. did business to suit the market and consumers that they served.
Apple’s Triple Bottom Line
In recent years the environment has become one of the most important factors while conducting business. Apple has been a huge part of the green movement and look for ways to contribute to reducing their impact on the environment while producing some of the most innovative concepts into technology. Though the company has fallen under criticism for contrary business practices, the concepts that Apple use shows their commitment to a triple bottom line approach. Andrew Savitz and Karl Weber (2006) write that, “With the advent of the personal computer, the environment became a consumer focus, which many technology companies had to now shift to include.”
By focusing on reducing their impact on the planet, Apple has sought ways to reduce production costs, on material that create a larger carbon foot print, and innovated ways to produce high quality technological gadgets at a lower cost. In recent years, Apple has been accused of hiding environmental impact, until 2008 when Apple began offering environmental reports for products that the company produced. This may be a step in the right direction but critics still insist more needs to be done by the company...

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