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Business Essay

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Introduction To Business

                                            WINTER 2009

Section: 03
Day & Time: T, R: 2:30 – 3:45pm
Room: LHH 205

Instructor: Meagan A. Luttenton
Office Hours:   T, R: 11:00– 1:00pm
Phone:   331-2165   (Department Office in LHH 250)
E-mail:   luttenme@gvsu.edu   or   Meagan_Luttenton@gvsu.edu

Required Text: BUSN: Kelly/McGowen, 2008, South Western

  For many of you, Business 101 may be your first exposure to business as a profession. For some of you (who have been exposed to business through friends and relatives), this will be your chance to compare theories to practices that you have observed.   For the few of you who are already in business, this will be your chance to learn and try new ideas and compare them to real life strategies.   We will explore all the major aspects of business using a combination of lectures and participation.   Participation and the sharing of personal experiences will be strongly encouraged.   You should pretend you are in a business simulator, gaining as much hands-on experiences as is possible within a classroom.

  1) To expose you to the world of business, as seen through the eyes of professionally trained educators and managers.
  2) To expose you to the various disciplines within the world of business, to help you to decide upon a major in a timely fashion.
  3) To study the most significant forces in the environment of business firms so as to understand how they are changing and modifying the role of business.
  4) To demonstrate the international scope of the business environment.
  5) To help you develop an ethical and philosophical basis for making business decisions.
  6) To help you learn to articulate your attitudes towards the forces in business.

  This course is lecture and discussion-question based.   Discussion is strongly encouraged to test new ideas and explore applications.   I will also use the following methods...

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