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Business Electronic and Non-Electronic Methods of Communication Essay

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Electronic and Non-Electronic Methods for Communicating Business Information, with Examples for Different Types of Audience

For this task I am going to outline electronic and non-electronic methods of communicating different business information, using examples for different types of audience. However, firstly I will give you a brief overview of the electronic and non-electronic methods mean.

Invoice – An invoice is left by the seller of goods from businesses, it is a detailed bill. An invoice is a piece of legal documentation which can be used within a business as evidence of an incurred debt. The recipient of the business can and may challenge the legitimacy of individual charges but the invoice is considered as a bona fide debt. On occasions the person who receives an invoice is because sometimes they cannot collect it immediately, so when they do receive the invoice they are able to pay it at a later date which is agreed with the company. If the invoice is left and not paid then the business which is owed the money can add charges to the actual unit price. An invoice can and usually does include:

• Prices
• Service description
• A contact address for payment
• The quantity of each item
• Address of business and who it is getting sent to
• Order number
• Date
• Price broken down
• Full price needed to be paid
• How long the person has to pay the amount due

Email/Fax – Faxes are used less frequently, however many traditional businesses still use them. A fax is a document which is scanned and then sent via a telephone line to the recipient. Faxes are often used to send documentation’s quickly if only a hard copy is available. It is good for business to tell the recipient that they are sending a fax, it is also important for businesses to incorporate a cover sheet which includes the name of the recipient and the business its getting sent from because in most businesses they only have a few fax machines available and several hundred...

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