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Business Level 2 Unit 13 P1 Essay

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To: Bert
Subject: The bathroom scenario.
CC: Demi Jack

Thanks you for coming to see me earlier. I understand your situation and I understand your case. I have emailed you because I want to let your know that I have done some research into this problem and I want to share my results with you.

I have been researching what your rights are in this case. What I have found out is that one of yours statutory rights are that you should expect the product to be in good quality when it arrives, as that is what is mentioned in the description of the features of the product. The goods that are sold must also match any sample, that you were shown in store, or read the description in a catalogue, website, leaflet or brochure.

Your claim is against ‘Taps n’ Toilets’, as the company did provide you with a quality bathroom set that you have been looking to have, but the bathroom set was broken or scratched. Ernie was not being able to provide the full number of tiles that you wanted and so did not complete the job.

I understand that you want a refund on the bathroom set; you have to then act quickly within
A few weeks. As the law gives you only 30 days to do this, to be able to claim. What is reasonable is that it all depends on the product and how obvious the fault is. However, if you have left it too long to reject or get a refund of your product, then you still have some rights.
The rights of Bert are:
  If the fault appears in the first six months, then you are entitled to a repair or a replacement (not if the fault is just ‘wear and tear’ or caused by accidental damage or misuse). So if the retailer rejects your claim, it’s up to them to prove that the product wasn’t faulty in the first place, or that it couldn’t be reasonable expected to last for long.
  If the fault appears after six months, then you can still be entitled to a repair or replacement. However, if the retailer disputes your claim, it will then be up to you, to prove that the product was...

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