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Business Notes Essay

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Definition: The process by which a business attracts, develops and rewards its workforce so that organisation’s goals may be achieved.

There are 7 key functions of HRM. It is important to be able to identify the management skills and activities as you deal with each function.

1. Manpower Planning/Human Resource Planning.
This means having the right staff with the right skills at the right time.
This involves:
    • Human Resource Audit
    • Human Resource Forecast
    • Plan for training and development
    • Plan for recruitment and redeployment
    • Plan for natural wastage and redundancies (voluntary and compulsory).

2. Recruitment.
Steps involved:
a) Preparation. Job description. (Title, conditions, duties and responsibilities). Person specification. (Qualifications, skills, experience, characteristics and age)
b) Find candidates. This can be done internally or externally (recommendations, local schools, training centres, employment agencies, websites like ‘jobs.ie’ and head hunting). Be able to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both (cost, new ideas, convenience, morale, jealousy, the best V the devil you know)
c) Screen applications. (Look at cover letter and CV)
d) Selection. Interview candidates. (Assess ability and potential and how they will get along with others). May involve aptitude tests, IQ tests, and personality tests.
e) Check references
f) Contract of Employment

3. Training and development.
Ensures that staff has the skills and knowledge to do their present work. Training can be on or off the job.
Induction training. (The firm and its mission. key people, colleagues and superiors, health and safety regulations, code of ethics, layout of buildings and what to do)

Staff development
Enables staff to develop existing skills and characteristics so they might take on more challenging work in the future.

4. Performance...

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