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Business Research Ethics Essay

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Business Research Process Summary          

Business Research Summary

Terence J. Brown


January 13, 2014

University of Phoenix

Charles Sprague

Business Research Process Summary   1

The business research process necessitates learning all characteristics of a business, from the market to the clients, then applying that data to make wide-ranging business resolutions. Within my workplace, I work in the “Return Good Department”, and the business research process of that department requires me to learn everything about it. I have to learn the complete rewrite of receiving returned goods procedures, defined regular returns, discrepancies, sales rep. returns, UPS or   truck returns, meeting orders, Canadian warehouse returns. Removed references to disposition and print screens related to it and revised flow charts. When clients return merchandise to our company and want their credit for the product or a replacement. I am the person that hands the inspections of the returned good, contact customer service in case of discrepancies, help assist customer with any issues that they may have due to lost, or damage items. So if a client of the company is requesting additional products, variation procedures will be implemented for a certain type of product. Additionally, all other necessary modifications containing the merchandise, services, or arriving into a newly market state will resolute during the investigation period. Then the corporation will only then construct all of these replacements for prospective analysis. After all procedures have been applied, all returns are placed into their designated areas and shipped out to the “Quality Assurance Department” for further inspection procedures. Once all inspection are complete, then the product is sent to the quality inspection area, and from there the product will be redesigned and repackaged and shipped out to the shipping department for distribution....

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